Belt Sizing

We want to make sure you end up with a belt that will fit correctly, and stand the test of time. It is important to note that your pant size is NOT your belt size! Your belt size will be larger than your pant size, that's totally normal, don't freak out.

The easiest and most reliable way to figure out your belt size is to measure an existing belt, if possible. You will need to measure from the tip of the buckle to your most used hole. This measurement will be the distance between the tip of the buckle and the middle hole on your new belt, giving you 2" of movement in either direction (see the image below).

If you don't have an existing belt to measure, you can measure with a fabric measuring tape, or even a piece of non-stretch string or rope. Run it through your belt loops (while wearing the pants, duh), mark where it meets at a comfortable tension, and take that measurement as your belt size.

When you order your new belt, you'll notice that there is no size option when choosing your belt. This is because each belt is sized to order. When you have selected your belt and added it to your cart, please note your belt size in the "Order Special Instructions" section of your cart. 



If you have any questions or concerns about sizing for your new belt, please reach out, we're happy to help!