Leather Care

Full-grain leather goods generally tend to last a long time, but there are steps that you can take to help ensure that your items last a lifetime. There are really no hard and fast rules, and lots of people have their own leather care routines that work for them, these are just some basic guidelines that we recommend.


  • Do your best to keep your leather goods clean and dry. They are meant to be used, and they will inevitably encounter moisture and dirt, but generally try to avoid tossing them in mud puddles.
  • If they get wet, gently blot away as much water as possible, and then allow them to air-dry naturally. Don't use artificial heat such as a hair dryer.
  • Brush away dirt and dust with a soft dry brush or cloth.
  • Apply a thin coat of leather-specific conditioner/balm/oil a couple of times a year to keep it moisturized (exact directions for application may vary for different products). This will help it stay soft and flexible, and avoid cracking. If the leather appears to be developing cracks, condition it as soon as possible.